Long since all the most significant happened behind closed doors. So people enjoyed their right to privacy. KEY – is concierge service of the future, respecting the tradition of the past. If you just thought about important events, Your Eventcierge will take care about everything.
Family event service
and events
Development of ideas for proposals hands and heart
This is a very important event, which starts the birth of the family. We know how exciting it can be for men and will help you to choose the ring, place and format to do this moment unforgettable. Close a boutique Tiffany, to arrange dinner on the roof of the highest of a building or in the historic mansion, to agree with your favorite actors who will play along You at the right moment – with KEY possible.
Organization wedding dreams
The opportunity to spend their wedding anywhere in the world is one of the secrets happy wedding. To discard the conventions, to forget about the borders, to remember dreams and imagination, to inspired favorite movie or to get involved unfamiliar culture. Wedding in medieval castle, on paradise island in the middle of the ocean, photos on the background of the Eiffel tower or in african the savannah – with KEY possible.
This is a truly incredible life-changing event. It is worth highlighting among the rest with the beautiful babyshower or surprise on discharge from the hospital. We will think up where and how to make this quivering moment which always causes goose bumps and delight, and Your child in the future could watch his first holiday.
Birthday organization
Every year – is a new life. Let's together complete Your calendar of events bright emotions and will do every day of birth unique: calm in family circle, with the adventures and climbing on Everest, fun with a large group of friends in chic the restaurant.
Organization of anniversaries
Sometimes you want to repeat the wedding day or more memorable event, but to do it in a new way. Eventcierge will come up with the best program and organizes all "turnkey" anywhere in the world.
The most important screw in family life is love.
Anton Chekhov
We have extensive experience in organizing events of different formats
We work all over the world
Rest and
Organization of an unforgettable honeymoon
The sun's rays, a private pool in the middle of the jungle, a bath filled with flower petals – the first day after the wedding, when the newlyweds are alone and enjoy every minute together. KEY works with a large number of hotels around the world and we will help you to choose the perfect place for this sweet period.
Family leisure organization
Holidays can be incredibly diverse. Eventcierge knows the preferences of each family member, so he can easily pick up a destination for relaxation, leisure activities and organizes everything so that will be taken into account every detail.
Romantic and family traveling organization
Do you want to fly away for the weekend and surprise your beloved person? - It’s easy together with KEY. It can be a beautiful dinner in a restaurant with a Michelin star, diving in the middle of the ocean or flying in a balloon among a million other colorful balloons.
Family begins with children.
A. Herzen
Individual approach
Constant communication with
Respect confidentiality of family events or initiating media publications and cover in glossy magazines according to Your wishes
and gifts
A surprise for any occasion
AbsoKEYlutly Surprise! We will surprise You, Your loved ones, Your friends. Just tell us about a reason. And we will make sure that everyone has opened the mouths from the seen.
Selection of the perfect gift
Sometimes so difficult to understand what is person wish for the gift. It seems that he has all... Our service Eventcierge make wish-list with every member of Your family and closest the environment to any occasion was a pleasant, and You've got what dreamed and "got to the point", going on the next event.
Order and flowers delivery
You can make happy your loved ones without reason. Eventcierge happy to order a bouquet and arranges for its delivery, will come up with the right words and help create new family traditions.
No matter how old we are, we always need a place to call home, because without the people you love the most, you'll still feel lonely.
It is a personal event Concierge who records all the important dates of your family and reminds You of them, knows Your tastes and preferences, collects lists of loved ones and helps to make each event memorable.
Your desires are our priority
a part of KEY
Each of our family gets its own box that opens the door to the world of KEY. It stores a card with a secret code that gives access to the private part of the site and all the features of the Concierge service. In Your personal profile: chat with Eventcierge, events calendar, cloud family photographs and access to the Family Key Club.